Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell or loan displays I can arrange my desserts on?

Unfortunately we don't sell any, but we would love to loan out our awesome cupcake and cake stands if you need them. 


When should I order?

If you have a large event (100+) ordering two months in advance is preferred. Smaller events can be ordered sooner within two-weeks of the occasion! 


Do you decorate and personalize cupcakes?

Of course we do! We try and satisfy any and every request for personalization, so don't be afraid to ask!


How many people can you bake for? Is there too big or too small?

It varies a lot based on the size of cake you'd like! We create a max of three-tiers and a multi-tiered cake can feed between 20-40 people. However, if you'd like a bride and groom cake, made just for the bride and groom, it can feed roughly 10-12 people. 


Can I freeze my cake? If so, for how long?

We know that people like to freeze their wedding cakes and eat them on their anniversary, you can definitely do that with our cakes, however, be aware that the quality and taste might not be as you remembered on your wedding day! 


How long do your treats stay fresh for?

Our Sweets are baked fresh to be enjoyed as soon as possible! However, if you have some leftovers, they will stay nice and fresh for around a week.


Is it okay to refrigerate my cake?

If it's a cheesecake, yes! If it's not, we wouldn't recommend it, we've found that refrigerating cakes seems to dry them out!


Do you make fat free or sugar free cakes?

Unfortunately not!


Do you rush orders?

We will try and accommodate, however, we need notice  3  days in advance!


Do you make gluten free or dairy free desserts?

We have a few gluten free options and can bake anything dairy free! Just let us know what would best serve you.