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"But still, the one [Cinnamon Roll] spotted from Whisk looked delicious — and Hallelujah Glory Be, the little bakery delivered a cinnamon roll that is worth fighting random waves of humanity at farmers’ markets." 

- Miriam Bowers Abbott via Columbus Underground

"Your cupcakes are so light and delicious! My favorite icing is lavender. Thank you for providing fantastic service, too. We will definitely keep your number!"

- Alice

"I first had their cupcakes at a friends wedding and they were amazing! Lavender vanilla! When I got engaged, I knew that I wanted those cupcakes for my wedding too! My husband and I also ordered a small personal sized cake, almond. We really liked it, so much that we forgot to save a slice for our year anniversary, true story. So now we're going to order another cake for our anniversary coming up lol Highly recommend!"

- Megan

"I really loved the banana muffins that were provided for my wedding! They looked and tasted very good!"

- Marianne

"We stopped by the Clintonville Farmers' Market and walked past their stall HAD to get some cookies and cinnamon rolls! THE BEST cinnamon rolls and cookies I've had in years. Hands down would recommend them."

- Darla

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